iQ Kids Radio Featured Artist: Laurie Berkner

"Laurie Berkner does what Fred Rogers did: respect, validate and reassure young children."  - Los Angeles Times

Our Featured Artist this month is Laurie Berkner!  She’s coming out with a compilation CD this month called The Ultimate Laurie Berkner Band!

When Laurie Berkner embarked on her career as a children's recording artist in the summer of 1997, she started small - personally filling orders of her first release from her living room in Manhattan while still keeping up her preschool music teaching jobs. It wasn't long, however, before the 500 copies she originally pressed sold out, and Two Tomatoes Records was born.

Laurie's growing popularity in the New York area led to a second release, 1998's Buzz Buzz. Soon more local toy stores and children's specialty shops began selling her music and distribution companies began purchasing quantities of her recordings. Shortly after the 1999 release of Victor Vito, Laurie took the bold step of hiring a publicist - Sarah of SKG Publicity. Things began to move more quickly thereafter, with national media coverage helping spread the word.  Laurie then appeared on the "Today" show and suddenly Two Tomatoes was swamped with orders. 

In the meantime, Laurie's closets were becoming more and more stuffed. Two Tomatoes was taking over her living room with the 2000 re-release of her first recording, and running the record label was no longer a part-time job. Laurie decided to give up her teaching to, as she put it, "reign in the monster!"  In 2002, shortly before the release of Under A Shady Tree, it became clear that there was no longer enough space in Laurie’s and husband Brian's one-bedroom apartment for a record label.  Two Tomatoes moved into a real office in New York City, with real staff, and Laurie, Brian and daughter Lucy moved into a new, more spacious apartment.  It's one big happy family!

We fell in love with Laurie Berkner on Jack’s Big Music Show, but now, she has her OWN show, “Sing It Laurie.” Here’s her full bio.

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Also check out the Sing ‘n’ Send App and Laurie’s TV Show on Sprout Sing-It Laurie.

Laurie Berkner Lyrics: 
Fireflies (an excerpt!) off the Laurie Berkner Lullabies album 

Ha-oom Ha-oom
Ha-oom Ha-oom

Fireflies dance and fireflies glow
In the night in the night in the night
Round and round without a sound
Making a lantern of light

Each one flashes silently 
Like tiny little stars beaming bright
Fireflies dance and fireflies glow
In the night in the night in the night

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