iQ Kids Radio Featured Artist: The Pop Ups

The Pop Ups have received a GRAMMY nomination for their second family music CD, “Radio Jungle.” This self-produced, self-released collection of wildly imaginative and catchy tunes debuted in April, and has since won accolades from Parents’ Choice, the Fids and Kamily Music Awards (yes, that’s right!), as well as heavy rotation on SiriusXM’s “Kids Place Live” radio show, and other national acclaim.

The Pop Ups (Jason Rabinowitz and Jacob Stein) are a Brooklyn-based musical duo who the Wall Street Journal says “reflect the creativity percolating on the independent children's music scene.”  Not your typical band; The Pop Ups perform their music using cardboard props, hand-painted sets, and a colorful cast of original puppets; crafting a world of magic that engages, educates and delights all ages. The Pop Ups perform regularly at NYC venues, tour regionally, and are about to do their second national tour with Yo Gabba Gabba Live.

The Pop Ups created a puppet musical for each of their two albums that weave the songs into an adventure in The Pop Ups world.  The duo won high praise from critics for their first stage show “PASTA: A Pop Ups Puppet Musical,” which has enjoyed successful runs in New York and Los Angeles. Their music is recorded from Jason’s home in South Brooklyn, which is also where their stage shows, videos and even their t-shirts are assembled. A fixture in the neighborhood, the garage is always open and frequently attracts the interest of passersby who know something magical is always brewing.

A love letter to pop music, “Radio Jungle” assimilates pop idioms into something new and altogether unique.  The songs are polished, sonically cohesive and inviting with themes ranging from where “Bananas” come from to the artistic potential presented by a “Box of Crayons.” Teachable moments abound, as in the phonemic “Elephants” and the bouncy counting song “Math Rock.” 

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The Pop Ups Lyrics: 
Box of Crayons (an excerpt!) off the Radio Jungle album 

Yellow zig zag lightning fills the sky
And cold grey raindrops splash into my eyes
I want to keep my little friends from harm
so I take a red crayon and draw us a barn!
I draw myself a barn with a red crayon

I draw myself a sun with a yellow crayon
a circle with some lines to get it's ray on...
and suddenly a rainbow fills the air
I can see all my favorite colors shining there
I draw myself a rainbow with all my crayons

And I see colors
My favorite colors
colors beautiful colors...

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